Consulting Security Engineer, Inc.

Consulting Security Engineer is John R. Hines' last startup company.  If it is wildly successful, he will sell the idea to retired geeks with little startup money.  

He has degrees from two party schools (the University of Colorado and Arizona State University).  He has been a semiconductor engineer, a programmer, a writer and a teacher. He has six patents.  He has written for five magazines, one still publishing.  He has written Basic, C, C++, Delphi and Java programs and taught C/C++ and Java at five DFW community colleges for twenty years.  He has self-published sixteen book, most still available on Amazon as eBooks.  He was retired in Lucas, Texas, until his wife told him to do something to keep busy. 

He is AT&T central office trained, Cisco CCNA trained, CompTIA A+ and Net+ certified and Security+ trained, Novell NetWare certified, Sun/Oracle Java certified, a Sun Academic Instructor and a retired Texas Registered Professional Engineer.  

He does not like using Apple computers very much.  Apple consulting costs more than other consulting.