1.  Microsoft single computer security scan and follow up PC hardening  2 hours/$150

2.  Microsoft networked computer security scan (up to 4 computers) and follow up PC hardening  4 hours/$300

3.  Simple network security scan and router hardening  2 hours/$150

4.  Advanced network security scan  4 hours/$300

5.  Virus removal 2 hours/$150

6.  Virus removal and install new antivirus software 3 hours/$225 (I pay for antivirus software).

7.  Spyware/adware removal and install free antispyware software 2 hours/$150.

​8.  Low tech XXX/porno scan and removal 2 hours/$150

9.  Firewall hardening 2hours/$150

​10.  (Somewhat generic) policies:  Acceptable use, access guidelines, audit policies, least privilege, password guidelines, privacy, separation of duties, SOPs 4 hours/$300 (typically two visits).

11.  iDrive remote backup installation 2 hours/$150 (i pay for first year for one PC).

12.  General security audit 2 hours/$150.

13.  Install Bitlocker (Pro, Ultimate or Enterprise Windows only) 2 hours/$150.

What is hardening?  Changes in configuration and installation of security-related patches to reduce vulnerabilities.

Note:  Only Windows 7, 8.1 and 10.  

Payment due when services are rendered (cash, check, or credit card).  

Any services not on this list require negotiations.


Consulting Security Engineer, Inc.